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-  New Products
o             Accessories  
o             Accessories - Caps  
o             Configurable Switch Components - Body  
o             Configurable Switch Components - Contact Block  
o             Configurable Switch Components - Illumination Source  
o             Configurable Switch Components - Lens  
o             DIP Switches  
o             Keylock Switches  
o             Keypad Switches  
o             Magnetic, Reed Switches  
o             Navigation Switches, Joystick  
o             Programmable Display Switches  
o             Pushbutton Switches  
o             Pushbutton Switches - Hall Effect  
o             Rocker Switches  
o             Rotary Switches  
o             Selector Switches  
o             Slide Switches  
o             Snap Action, Limit Switches  
o             Tactile Switches  
o             Thumbwheel Switches  
o             Toggle Switches  
•             Tapes, Adhesives
 -  New Products
o             Glue, Adhesives, Applicators  
o             Tape  
o             Tape Dispensers  
•             Test and Measurement
 -  New Products
o             Accessories  
o             Equipment - Electrical Testers, Current Probes  
o             Equipment - Environmental Testers  
o             Equipment - Function Generators  
o             Equipment - Multimeters  
o             Equipment - Oscilloscopes  
o             Equipment - Power Supplies Test, Bench  
o             Equipment - Specialty  
o             Equipment - Spectrum Analyzers  
o             Equipment - Variable Transformers  
o             Test Clips - Alligator, Crocodile, Heavy Duty  
o             Test Clips - Grabbers, Hooks  
o             Test Clips - IC  
o             Test Leads - Banana, Meter Interface  
o             Test Leads - BNC Interface  
o             Test Leads - Jumper, Specialty  
o             Test Leads - Kits, Assortments  
o             Test Leads - Oscilloscope Probes  
o             Test Leads - Thermocouples, Temperature Probes  
o             Test Points  
o             Test Probe Tips  
o             Thermometers  
•             Tools
 -  New Products
o             Accessories  
o             Assorted Tool Kits  
o             Chemicals, Cleaners  
o             Crimpers - Crimp Heads, Die Sets  
o             Crimpers, Applicators, Presses  
o             Crimpers, Applicators, Presses - Accessories  
o             Cutting Tools  
o             Excavators, Hooks, Picks, Probes, Tuning Tools  
o             Fiber Optics and Accessories  
o             Flashlights  
o             Hammers  
o             Heat Guns, Torches, Accessories  
o             Hex, Torx Keys  
o             Insertion, Extraction  
o             Knives, Blades  
o             Personal Protective Equipment PPE  
o             Pliers  
o             Punchdown, Blades  
o             Punches  
o             Screw and Nut Drivers  
o             Screw and Nut Drivers - Bits, Blades and Handles  
o             Screw and Nut Drivers - Sets  
o             Sockets - Sets  
o             Sockets, Socket Handles  
o             Specialized Tools  
o             Spiral Wrap, Expandable Sleeving  
o             Staking Tools  
o             Tweezers  
o             Vacuums  
o             Vises  
o             Wire Strippers and Accessories  
o             Wire Tie Guns and Accessories  
o             Wire Wrap  
o             Wrenches  
•             Transformers
 -  New Products
o             Accessories  
o             Audio Transformers  
o             Current Sense Transformers  
o             Isolated, Non-Isolated - Step Up Down Autotransformer  
o             Miscellaneous Transformers  
o             Power Transformers  
o             Pulse Transformers  
o             Specialty Transformers  
o             Switching Converter, SMPS Transformers  
•             Undefined Category
o             Miscellaneous  
o             Undefined Family  
•             Zspecial
o             Zspecial