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-  New Products
o             Crystals  
o             Oscillators  
o             Pin Configurable Oscillators  
o             Programmable Oscillators  
o             Resonators  
o             Sockets and Insulators  
o             Stand Alone Programmers  
o             VCOs Voltage Controlled Oscillators  
•             Discrete Semiconductor Products
 -  New Products
o             Accessories  
o             Bridge Rectifiers  
o             Bridge Rectifiers - Modules  
o             Diacs, Sidacs  
o             Diodes - Zener - Arrays  
o             Diodes - Zener - Single  
o             Diodes, Rectifiers - Arrays  
o             Diodes, Rectifiers - Modules  
o             Diodes, Rectifiers - Single  
o             FETs - Arrays  
o             FETs - Modules  
o             FETs - Single  
o             IGBTs - Arrays  
o             IGBTs - Modules  
o             IGBTs - Single  
o             JFETs Junction Field Effect  
o             Power Drivers - Modules  
o             Programmable Unijunction Transistors PUTs  
o             RF Diodes  
o             RF FETs  
o             RF Transistors BJT  
o             SCRs - Modules  
o             SCRs - Single  
o             Transistors BJT - Arrays  
o             Transistors BJT - Arrays, Pre-Biased  
o             Transistors BJT - Single  
o             Transistors BJT - Single, Pre-Biased  
o             Transistors - Modules  
o             Transistors - Special Purpose  
o             Triacs  
o             Triacs - Modules  
o             Variable Capacitance Diodes Varicaps, Varactors  
•             Embedded Computers
 -  New Products
o             Accessories  
o             Interface Boards  
o             Single Board Computers SBCs  
•             Fans, Thermal Management
 -  New Products
o             AC Fans  
o             DC Fans  
o             Fans - Accessories  
o             Fans - Finger Guards, Filters & Sleeves  
o             Thermal - Accessories  
o             Thermal - Adhesives, Epoxies, Greases, Pastes  
o             Thermal - Heat Sinks  
o             Thermal - Liquid Cooling  
o             Thermal - Pads, Sheets  
o             Thermal - Thermoelectric, Peltier Assemblies  
o             Thermal - Thermoelectric, Peltier Modules  
•             Filters
 -  New Products
o             Accessories  
o             Ceramic Filters  
o             Common Mode Chokes  
o             Crystals  
o             DSL Filters  
o             EMI/RFI Filters LC, RC Networks  
o             Feed Through Capacitors  
o             Ferrite Beads and Chips  
o             Ferrite Cores - Cables and Wiring  
o             Ferrite Disks and Plates  
o             Helical Filters  
o             Inrush Current Limiters ICL  
o             Power Line Filter Modules  
o             RF Filters  
o             SAW Filters  
•             Hardware, Fasteners, Accessories
 -  New Products
o             Accessories  
o             Board Spacers, Standoffs  
o             Board Supports  
o             Bumpers, Feet, Pads, Grips  
o             Component Insulators, Mounts, Spacers  
o             DIN Rail Channel  
o             Hole Plugs  
o             Knobs  
o             Labels, Labeling  
o             Lockouts, Padlocks  
o             Miscellaneous  
o             Mounting Brackets  
o             Nuts  
o             Rivets  
o             Screw Grommet  
o             Screws, Bolts  
o             Washers  
o             Washers - Bushing, Shoulder  
•             Inductors, Coils, Chokes
 -  New Products
o             Adjustable Inductors  
o             Arrays, Signal Transformers  
o             Delay Lines  
o             Fixed Inductors  
o             Wireless Charging Coils  
•             Industrial Controls, Meters
 -  New Products
o             Accessories  
o             Cam Positioners  
o             Controllers - Accessories  
o             Controllers - Liquid, Level  
o             Controllers - Machine Safety  
o             Controllers - PLC Modules  
o             Controllers - Process, Temperature  
o             Controllers - Programmable Logic PLC  
o             Industrial Equipment  
o             Lighting Control  
o             Lighting Control - Accessories  
o             Machine Vision - Accessories  
o             Machine Vision - Cameras/Sensors  
o             Machine Vision - Control/Processing  
o             Machine Vision - Lens  
o             Machine Vision - Lighting  
o             Miscellaneous  
o             Monitor - Current/Voltage - Relay Output  
o             Monitor - Current/Voltage Transducer  
o             Panel Meters  
o             Panel Meters - Accessories  
o             Panel Meters - Counters, Hour Meters  
o             Pneumatics  
o             Protection Relays & Systems  
o             Sensor Cable - Accessories  
o             Sensor Cable - Assemblies  
o             Sensor Interface - Junction Blocks  
o             Specialized  
•             Integrated Circuits ICs
 -  New Products
o             Accessories  
o             Clock/Timing - Application Specific  
o             Clock/Timing - Clock Buffers, Drivers  
o             Clock/Timing - Clock Generators, PLLs, Frequency Synthesizers  
o             Clock/Timing - Delay Lines  
o             Clock/Timing - IC Batteries  
o             Clock/Timing - Programmable Timers and Oscillators  
o             Clock/Timing - Real Time Clocks  
o             Data Acquisition - ADCs/DACs - Special Purpose  
o             Data Acquisition - Analog Front End AFE  
o             Data Acquisition - Analog to Digital Converters ADC  
o             Data Acquisition - Digital Potentiometers  
o             Data Acquisition - Digital to Analog Converters DAC  
o             Data Acquisition - Touch Screen Controllers  
o             Embedded - CPLDs Complex Programmable Logic Devices  
o             Embedded - DSP Digital Signal Processors  
o             Embedded - FPGAs Field Programmable Gate Array  
o             Embedded - FPGAs Field Programmable Gate Array with Microcontrollers  
o             Embedded - Microcontroller or Microprocessor Modules  
o             Embedded - Microcontrollers  
o             Embedded - Microcontrollers - Application Specific  
o             Embedded - Microprocessors  
o             Embedded - PLDs Programmable Logic Device  
o             Embedded - System On Chip SoC  
o             Interface - Analog Switches, Multiplexers, Demultiplexers  
o             Interface - CODECs  
o             Interface - Controllers  
o             Interface - Direct Digital Synthesis DDS  
o             Interface - Drivers, Receivers, Transceivers  
o             Interface - Encoders, Decoders, Converters  
o             Interface - Filters - Active  
o             Interface - I/O Expanders  
o             Interface - Modems - ICs and Modules  
o             Interface - Modules  
o             Interface - Sensor and Detector Interfaces  
o             Interface - Serializers, Deserializers  
o             Interface - Signal Buffers, Repeaters, Splitters  
o             Interface - Signal Terminators  
o             Interface - Specialized  
o             Interface - Telecom  
o             Interface - UARTs Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter  
o             Interface - Voice Record and Playback  
o             Linear - Amplifiers - Audio  
o             Linear - Amplifiers - Instrumentation, OP Amps, Buffer Amps  
o             Linear - Amplifiers - Special Purpose  
o             Linear - Amplifiers - Video Amps and Modules  
o             Linear - Analog Multipliers, Dividers  
o             Linear - Audio Special Purpose  
o             Linear - Comparators  
o             Linear - Video Processing  
o             Logic - Buffers, Drivers, Receivers, Transceivers  
o             Logic - Comparators  
o             Logic - Counters, Dividers  
o             Logic - FIFOs Memory  
o             Logic - Flip Flops  
o             Logic - Gates and Inverters  
o             Logic - Gates and Inverters - Multi-Function, Configurable  
o             Logic - Latches  
o             Logic - Multivibrators  
o             Logic - Parity Generators and Checkers  
o             Logic - Shift Registers  
o             Logic - Signal Switches, Multiplexers, Decoders  
o             Logic - Specialty Logic  
o             Logic - Translators  
o             Logic - Universal Bus Functions  
o             Magnetic Sensors - Hall Effect, Digital Switch, Linear, Compass ICs  
o             Memory  
o             Memory - Batteries  
o             Memory - Configuration Proms for FPGA's  
o             Memory - Controllers  
o             PMIC - AC DC Converters, Offline Switchers  
o             PMIC - Battery Management  
o             PMIC - Current Regulation/Management  
o             PMIC - Display Drivers  
o             PMIC - Energy Metering  
o             PMIC - Full, Half-Bridge Drivers  
o             PMIC - Gate Drivers  
o             PMIC - Hot Swap Controllers  
o             PMIC - Laser Drivers  
o             PMIC - LED Drivers  
o             PMIC - Lighting, Ballast Controllers  
o             PMIC - Motor Drivers, Controllers  
o             PMIC - OR Controllers, Ideal Diodes  
o             PMIC - PFC Power Factor Correction  
o             PMIC - Power Distribution Switches, Load Drivers  
o             PMIC - Power Management - Specialized  
o             PMIC - Power Over Ethernet PoE Controllers  
o             PMIC - Power Supply Controllers, Monitors  
o             PMIC - RMS to DC Converters  
o             PMIC - Supervisors  
o             PMIC - Thermal Management  
o             PMIC - V/F and F/V Converters  
o             PMIC - Voltage Reference  
o             PMIC - Voltage Regulators - DC DC Switching Controllers  
o             PMIC - Voltage Regulators - DC DC Switching Regulators  
o             PMIC - Voltage Regulators - Linear LDO  
o             PMIC - Voltage Regulators - Linear + Switching  
o             PMIC - Voltage Regulators - Linear Transistor Driver  
o             PMIC - Voltage Regulators - Special Purpose  
o             Specialized ICs  
•             Isolators
 -  New Products
o             Digital Isolators  
o             Isolators - Gate Drivers  
o             Optoisolators - Logic Output  
o             Optoisolators - Transistor, Photovoltaic Output  
o             Optoisolators - Triac, SCR Output  
o             Special Purpose  
•             Kits
 -  New Products
o             Accessories  
o             Audio Kits  
o             Bumpers, Feet, Pads, Grips Kits  
o             Cable Assemblies  
o             Cables, Wires - Single Conductors  
o             Capacitor Kits  
o             Circuit Protection - Assortment Kits  
o             Circuit Protection Kits - Fuse  
o             Circuit Protection Kits - TVS Diodes  
o             Connector Adapter Kits  
o             Connector Kits  
o             Crystal Kits  
o             Discrete Assortment Kits  
o             Educational Kits  
o             Fiber Optic Kits  
o             Filter Kits  
o             Hardware Kits  
o             Heat Shrink Tubing Kits  
o             IC Assortment Kits  
o             Inductors, Coils, Chokes Kits  
o             LED Kits  
o             Miscellaneous  
o             Obsolete/Discontinued Part Numbers  
o             Optics - LEDs - Light Pipe Kits  
o             Potentiometer Kits  
o             Prototype Boards Kits - Unperforated  
o             Resistor Kits  
o             RF Shield Kits  
o             Sensor Kits  
o             Static Control Kit  
o             Switch Kits  
o             Tape Kits  
o             Thermistor Kits  
o             Transformer Kits  
o             Wire and Cable Tie Kits  
•             Line Protection, Distribution, Backups
 -  New Products
o             Accessories  
o             DC to AC Power Inverters  
o             Line Conditioners  
o             Power Distribution, Surge Protectors  
o             UPS Systems  
•             Magnetics - Transformer, Inductor Components
 -  New Product
o             Bobbins Coil Formers, Mounts, Hardware  
o             Ferrite Cores  
o             Magnet Wire  
•             Memory Cards, Modules
 -  New Products
o             Accessories  
o             Memory - Modules  
o             Memory Cards  
o             Solid State Drives SSDs  
o             Specialized  
o             USB Flash Drives  
•             Motors, Solenoids, Driver Boards/Modules
 -  New Products
o             Accessories  
o             Motor Driver Boards, Modules  
o             Motors - AC, DC  
o             Solenoids  
o             Stepper Motors  
•             Networking Solutions
 -  New Products
o             Accessories  
o             Gateways, Routers  
o             Media Converters  
o             Miscellaneous  
o             Serial Device Servers  
o             Switches, Hubs  
•             Optical Inspection Equipment
 -  New Products
o             Accessories  
o             Arms, Mounts, Stands  
o             Cameras  
o             Eyepieces, Lenses  
o             Illumination Sources  
o             Lamps - Magnifying, Task  
o             Loupes, Magnifiers  
o             Microscopes  
o             Video Inspection Systems  
•             Optoelectronics
 -  New Products
o             Accessories  
o             Bezels  
o             Display Modules - LCD, OLED Character and Numeric  
o             Display Modules - LCD, OLED, Graphic  
o             Display Modules - LED Character and Numeric  
o             Display Modules - LED Dot Matrix and Cluster  
o             Display Modules - Vacuum Fluorescent VFD  
o             Display, Monitor - Interface Controller  
o             Fiber Optics - Attenuators  
o             Fiber Optics - Receivers  
o             Fiber Optics - Switches, Multiplexers, Demultiplexers  
o             Fiber Optics - Transceivers  
o             Fiber Optics - Transmitters - Discrete  
o             Fiber Optics - Transmitters - Drive Circuitry Integrated  
o             Infrared, UV, Visible Emitters  
o             Inverters  
o             Lamps - Cold Cathode Fluorescent CCFL & UV  
o             Lamps - Incandescents, Neons  
o             Laser Diodes  
o             LED Indication - Discrete  
o             LED Lighting - COBs, Engines, Modules  
o             LED Lighting - Color  
o             LED Lighting - White  
o             LED Thermal Products  
o             LEDs - Circuit Board Indicators, Arrays, Light Bars, Bar Graphs  
o             LEDs - Lamp Replacements  
o             LEDs - Spacers, Standoffs  
o             Optics - LEDs - Light Pipes  
o             Optics - LEDs - Reflectors  
o             Optics - LEDs, Lamps - Lenses  
o             Optics - Remote Phosphor  
o             Panel Indicators, Pilot Lights  
o             Touch Screen Overlays  
•             Potentiometers, Variable Resistors
 -  New Products
o             Accessories  
o             Adjustable Power Resistor  
o             Joystick Potentiometers  
o             Rotary Potentiometers, Rheostats  
o             Scale Dials  
o             Slide Potentiometers  
o             Thumbwheel Potentiometers  
o             Trimmer Potentiometers  
o             Value Display Potentiometers  
•             Power Supplies - Board Mount
 -  New Products
o             AC DC Converters  
o             Accessories  
o             DC DC Converters  
o             LED Supplies  
•             Power Supplies - External/Internal Off-Board
 -  New Products
o             AC AC Wall Adapters  
o             AC DC Configurable Power Supply Chassis  
o             AC DC Configurable Power Supply Modules  
o             AC DC Converters  
o             AC DC Desktop, Wall Adapters  
o             Accessories  
o             DC DC Converters  
o             LED Supplies  
o             Power over Ethernet PoE  
•             Programmers, Development Systems
 -  New Products
o             Accessories  
o             Adapters  
o             Evaluation and Demonstration Boards and Kits  
o             Evaluation Boards - Analog to Digital Converters ADCs  
o             Evaluation Boards - Audio Amplifiers  
o             Evaluation Boards - DC/DC & AC/DC Off-Line SMPS  
o             Evaluation Boards - Digital to Analog Converters DACs  
o             Evaluation Boards - Embedded - Complex Logic FPGA, CPLD  
o             Evaluation Boards - Embedded - MCU, DSP  
o             Evaluation Boards - LED Drivers  
o             Evaluation Boards - Linear Voltage Regulators LDOs  
o             Evaluation Boards - Op Amps  
o             Evaluation Boards - Sensors  
o             In-Circuit Programmers, Emulators, and Debuggers  
o             Software, Services  
o             Stand Alone Programmers  
o             UV Erasers  
•             Prototyping Products
 -  New Products
o             Accessories  
o             Adapter, Breakout Boards  
o             Card Extenders  
o             Drill Bits  
o             Etching and Fabrication Equipment  
o             Jumper Wire  
o             Prototype Boards Perforated  
o             Prototype Boards Unperforated  
o             Prototype/Repair Tools  
o             Solderless Breadboards  
•             Relays
 -  New Products
o             Accessories  
o             I/O Relay Module Racks  
o             I/O Relay Modules - Analog  
o             I/O Relay Modules - Input  
o             I/O Relay Modules - Output  
o             Power Relays, Over  Amps  
o             Relay Sockets  
o             Signal Relays, Up to  Amps  
o             Solid State Relays  
o             Time Delay Relays  
•             Resistors
 -  New Products
o             Accessories  
o             Chassis Mount Resistors  
o             Chip Resistor - Surface Mount  
o             Precision Trimmed Resistors  
o             Resistor Networks, Arrays  
o             Specialized Resistors  
o             Through Hole Resistors  
•             RF/IF and RFID
 -  New Products
o             Attenuators  
o             Balun  
o             RF Accessories  
o             RF Amplifiers  
o             RF Antennas  
o             RF Demodulators  
o             RF Detectors  
o             RF Die Products  
o             RF Diplexers  
o             RF Directional Coupler  
o             RF Evaluation and Development Kits, Boards  
o             RF Front End LNA + PA  
o             RF Misc ICs and Modules  
o             RF Mixers  
o             RF Modulators  
o             RF Power Controller ICs  
o             RF Power Dividers/Splitters  
o             RF Receiver, Transmitter, and Transceiver Finished Units  
o             RF Receivers  
o             RF Shields  
o             RF Switches  
o             RF Transceiver ICs  
o             RF Transceiver Modules  
o             RF Transmitters  
o             RFI and EMI - Shielding and Absorbing Materials  
o             RFID Accessories  
o             RFID Antennas  
o             RFID Evaluation and Development Kits, Boards  
o             RFID ICs  
o             RFID Reader Modules  
o             RFID Transponders, Tags  
•             Sensors, Transducers
 -  New Products
o             Accelerometers  
o             Accessories  
o             Amplifiers  
o             Capacitive Touch Sensors, Proximity Sensor ICs  
o             Color Sensors  
o             Current Transducers  
o             Dust Sensors  
o             Encoders  
o             Flex Sensors  
o             Float, Level Sensors  
o             Flow Sensors  
o             Force Sensors  
o             Gas Sensors  
o             Gyroscopes  
o             Image Sensors, Camera  
o             Inclinometers  
o             IrDA Transceiver Modules  
o             LVDT Transducers Linear Variable Differential Transformer  
o             Magnetic Sensors - Compass, Magnetic Field Modules  
o             Magnetic Sensors - Hall Effect, Digital Switch, Linear, Compass ICs  
o             Magnetic Sensors - Position, Proximity, Speed Modules  
o             Magnets  
o             Moisture Sensors, Humidity  
o             Motion Sensors, Detectors  
o             Multifunction  
o             Optical Sensors - Ambient Light, IR, UV Sensors  
o             Optical Sensors - Distance Measuring  
o             Optical Sensors - Mouse  
o             Optical Sensors - Photo Detectors - CdS Cells  
o             Optical Sensors - Photo Detectors - Logic Output  
o             Optical Sensors - Photo Detectors - Remote Receiver  
o             Optical Sensors - Photodiodes  
o             Optical Sensors - Photoelectric, Industrial  
o             Optical Sensors - Photointerrupters - Slot Type - Logic Output  
o             Optical Sensors - Photointerrupters - Slot Type - Transistor Output  
o             Optical Sensors - Phototransistors  
o             Optical Sensors - Reflective - Analog Output  
o             Optical Sensors - Reflective - Logic Output  
o             Position Sensors - Angle, Linear Position Measuring  
o             Pressure Sensors, Transducers  
o             Proximity Sensors  
o             Proximity/Occupancy Sensors - Finished Units  
o             RTD Resistance Temperature Detector  
o             Shock Sensors  
o             Solar Cells  
o             Specialized Sensors  
o             Strain Gages  
o             Temperature Regulators  
o             Temperature Sensors, Transducers  
o             Temperature Switches  
o             Thermistors - NTC  
o             Thermistors - PTC  
o             Thermocouple, Temperature Probe  
o             Tilt Sensors  
o             Ultrasonic Receivers, Transmitters  
o             Vibration Sensors  
•             Soldering, Desoldering, Rework Products
 -  New Products
o             Accessories  
o             Desoldering Braid, Wick, Pumps  
o             Dispensers, Dispenser Tips  
o             Flux, Flux Remover  
o             Fume, Smoke Extraction  
o             Holders, Stands  
o             Solder  
o             Solder Sponge  
o             Solder Stencils, Templates  
o             Soldering Irons, Tweezers, Handles  
o             Soldering, Desoldering, Rework Stations  
o             Soldering, Desoldering, Rework Tips, Nozzles  
•             Static Control, ESD, Clean Room Products
 -  New Products
o             Accessories  
o             Clean Room Swabs and Brushes  
o             Clean Room Treatments, Cleaners, Wipes  
o             Ionizer Equipment  
o             Monitors, Testers  
o             Static Control Clothing  
o             Static Control Device Containers  
o             Static Control Grounding Cords, Straps  
o             Static Control Grounding Mats  
o             Static Control Shielding Bags, Materials  
•             Switches